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Young boy having toothache

It is important to have both baby and permanent teeth evaluated after dental trauma for both the health of your child and the injured tooth. Let us help reposition, restore, or monitor teeth to alleviate pain, improve cosmetics, and prevent future issues.

Special Health Care Needs

Cute kid sitting in dentist's chair and looking at camera.

Patients with sensory aversions, or those who are unable to cooperative can find comfort at our office. We use headphones for the child to listen to a selected video, have flavorless toothpastes and private rooms available to limit distractions. A well trained dental team along with caregivers can work together to help patient have a […]

Space Maintainers

Space Maintainer Unilateral keeps from teeth shift deformatiuon

Early tooth loss, no matter what the cause, can lead to shifting of baby and permanent teeth. The use of space maintainers are key to reduce or even prevent the need for extensive orthodontics.

Silver Diamine-Fluoride

Close up shot of cheerful African American female listens pleasant music

This liquid is designed to reduce dental sensitivity but also helps to stop to progression of decay. Quick and easy placement on demineralized tooth structure may prevent the need for fillings or crowns.


Medically accurate 3D illustration of dental concept

Preventing decay in the deep grooves of teeth is simple with the easy application of dental sealants.


Close-up of a blonde woman doctor looks at a panoramic x-ray

In order to detect decay, monitor health of dental roots and bones, and evaluate for growth and development issues, radiographs (aka x-rays) are required. We use lose dose radiation and take based on each individuals risk and dental development.

Pulp/Nerve Treatment

Anatomy of healthy teeth - 3d rendering

Extensive decay near the nerve of the tooth might require additional procedures. Placement of a protective coating (pulp-cap) is used when the decay is very near the nerve to help prevent advancement into the nerve and protect against tooth sensitivity. Removal of part of the nerve (pulpotomy) is performed when the decay is in the […]

No Needle Treatment

baby girl smiling sitting in dental chair with artificial jaw in hands

Utilizing the most current cavity slowing/stopping dental materials and techniques not only reduces time in the dental chair, but also prevents the need for local anesthesia injections. This includes the use of silver-diamine fluoride and placement of some fillings and crowns.

Nitrous Oxcide

Little boy getting Inhalation Sedation while teeth treatment at dental clinic

Safe and effective, this gas (aka “Laughing gas”) is best for patients with mild anxiety, long procedures, and/or a strong gag reflex. It not only helps to keep your child calm, but also has a pain control component.

IV Sedation

Child patient with IV line in hand sleep on hospital

Some children require more advanced techniques in order to complete our agreed-upon treatment plan. We team up with Pediatric Anesthesiologists to provide dental care while your child is asleep and breathing on their own.