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Fluoride Treatments

Photo of youngster with his mouth wide open during checkup at the dentist

Fluoride helps protect teeth by remineralizing tooth structure, creating a stronger crystal that is more resistant to decay, and by preventing the cavity-causing bacteria from reproducing. We use a very thin, sticky fluoride varnish to maximize adherence to teeth and minimize ingestion.


Dental fissure fillings, Medically accurate 3D illustration

Tooth colored fillings for both the front and back of the mouth are available, some of which can be done needless, with no need for local anesthesia injections.


Smiling girl holding missing tooth

Whether it be due to decay, trauma, or orthodontics, we try to make dental extractions as quick and comfortable as possible. Needle-free tooth removal for baby teeth that refuse to wiggle out may be an option with the use of topical anesthetics.


Little patient showing her perfect toothy smile while sitting dentists chair

When a cavity is too big for a filling, dental crowns are the best approach to saving a tooth. Our crown options include stainless steel, white zirconia, and no-needle crown placement.

Comprehensive Exams

Blonde dentist at clinic treating patient

We take the HEIGHTS approach! Health- evaluation of hard and soft tissuesEducation- nutrition and hygiene reviewImage- clinical photos and x-ray reviewGuidance- evaluation of growth developmentHabits- identification and prevention techniquesTongue- evaluation of mobility and restrictionsSmile- cosmetic concerns (spacing/crowding, discolorations and misshapen teeth)


Little patient at dentist smiling and looking at camera

Depending on age and cooperation of your child, cleanings can be done with manual toothbrushes or rubber-cup motorized brushes. We take this opportunity to discuss proper brushing and flossing techniques for both patient and their grown-up.

Behavior Management

Little boy showing his blue crayon

For children who require extensive discussion of procedures or prefers lots of breaks within an appointment, or is unable/unwilling to sit still for restorative treatment. This approach can be done for families who prefer to avoid IV sedation, and children who medically can not tolerate IV sedation.

1st Birthday Visits

Cute little baby smiling while dentist checking his teeth

Help your child grow comfortable at the dentist with this highly educational and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend visit. Ask questions and learn about your child’s growth and development and prevention of decay